Building ColorBlock

The style 'Colorblock' started when we were brainstorming a pattern for a Revolution bag giveaway. We had seen a lot of color block in apparel, very cool dresses and tops, and an overall trend of combining of unexpected solid colors. We wanted a bag that was fairly gender neutral and before we knew it, the idea for a color block bag was born. I started by layering block upon block in all different sizes and then the pattern really evolved organically. I was very proud of the final result, appropriately named 'Colorblock' and it is Revolution! Not only is it a cool bag, it makes a great accent pillow, ottoman or chair.

 Check out some of the photos that I found inspiration in for creating Colorblock!

The finished product!

MAXimum Elegance

Most of you are used to seeing our Revolution Performance Fabrics in casual settings. Here is the pattern 'Max' applied to an elegant Hollywood Regency tufted sectional. Now you can have elegance and children share the same space! This sectional can be seen at Blacklion in Charlotte, NC.

Life is messy


Let's face it...

Life is messy: kids, pets, parties, creative souls.
Do you want to live your life with plastic slipcovers? Never truly experiencing the texture and softness. You can have Revolution slipcovers instead! Live your life. NO worries.
Go ahead get your hands dirty... Enjoy life. 


Indigo Shibori

Spice Indigo

Spice Indigo

Opulent Indigo

Opulent Indigo


Styles Spice and Opulent fall into the shibori style category. This look has been on trend for awhile, but it seems to be gaining momentum. And, now you can have the look in a performance fabric with a PLUS! These two styles are also machine washable. Very relaxed and comfy like your favorite pair of jeans! So you can relax with your new fabric… no worries of an accident… easy to clean… because life happens!

Lexi Slip  |  engender Furniture   | Slipcover Twill  | Spice Indigo | Opulent Indigo 

Lexi Slip  | engender Furniture  | Slipcover Twill  | Spice Indigo | Opulent Indigo