As a designer, developing a fabric is fun. Inspiration for graphics are everywhere and choosing an appealing motif is where I begin. I constantly collect images from magazines, artwork, and  personal photos.  Pattern Bijou was inspired by a pattern on a vintage dress.


Ever since Thanksgiving we have been encouraged to start our holiday shopping. I have to confess. I am one of those last minute kinda people. In my defense, we just had Showtime and as you know design never stops!

Well, with the holiday shopping now going into full swing, I felt compelled to write this blog. 

I do have a cool holiday tradition. I love to make things and gifts. We always make an ornament. And, I often make my gifts. I thought you guys may be inspired to make your gifts this year! You can buy some cool Revolution Performance Fabrics® on our new online store and make gifts. Here are some cool ideas:  bag, pillow, throw, dog bed, table runner, skirt… let your imagination run wild!!! Have fun… a home made gift is always extra special!!

{Colorblock Dappled}

{Colorblock Dappled}

{Overshot Jute}

{Overshot Jute}

Day 2 of Showtime

Day 2 of Showtime

Our time has come....

Here at STI, designers have just reached our deadline for December Showtime in Highpoint, NC.  Through all of the rushed patterns, the sorting of fabrics, and the last push of color work, we have finally reached the time we can all take a collective deep breath and exhale.  The upcoming line of Revolution Performance Fabrics promises to be the biggest to date with a diverse range of styles for every taste.  Thankfully for you—the consumer—there is no deadline for settling into your new sofa covered in luxurious, worry-free Revolution Fabric.  Just wait….there’s so much more to come!


Did you know that last Monday was National Mother-In-Law Day?

I hope that everyone remembered to celebrate😊! Now just to clarify, I really do love my mother-in-law.  She's great!!  How lucky am I that she stays out of our business, well, most of the time.  I know what you are thinking, I am just trying to stay on her good side.  Don't worry, I am 99.9% sure that her Jitterbug phone doesn't even have internet service, so she will never even read this!  Remember how I told you that she stays out of our business??  I guess that doesn't include her giving me her opinion on, well, just about everything! But isn't that what mother-in-laws are supposed to do?  

I was so excited, I told my mother-in-law that we were getting a new sofa.  "What color is it?" she asked.  "It's white!" I said. Dead silence.....then she said "Honey, are you sure that you want to do that?  I don't think that is a good idea.  You know white is going to be really hard to keep clean!"  I responded, excited that for once, I could correct her, of course, nicely.  "No, it's not just any white fabric! It's a Revolution fabric!!"  No worries for me!  If it gets dirty, it easily cleans with a little soap and water, add some bleach for the tougher stains. I am so excited I can finally get the white sofa that I have always wanted!!!  

More about my new sofa in blogs to follow...


While browsing a local flea market this weekend, I stumbled upon a vintage chair which retained some of its original, yet tattered and stained fabric.  In its sad condition, the chair was barely holding onto what was left of the original vibrant colors from its glory days.  Sadly, unless they have spent their lives on display in the “formal” living room, most furnishings eventually lose the test of time.  With Revolution Performance Fabrics®, you can have fine fabrics without the worry of stains or premature wear.  

Revolution patterns Debutante | Doric 

Revolution patterns Debutante | Doric 

As I walked away from the chair, I imagined a flea market scene a century from now.  Will Revolution Fabrics help to end the bleak future most old chairs face?  Will shoppers at that market stumble upon a vintage chair adorned with still-vibrant Revolution Fabric?  I’d like to think so!

Who let the dogs out?

Revolution pattern Rascal 

Revolution pattern Rascal 

So this weekend my Mom and her friends took me to a cool music festival.
Yes. They allowed me in. Need I say more?
While I was at the festival I scanned the crowd and thought how awesome Revolution Performance Fabrics® really are!

People use plates and napkins to eat festival foods for the fear of staining their clothes.
Revolution Fabrics are stain resistant for life.

People go to festivals to spend time with friends and family.
Revolution Fabrics are 100% Made in the USA, by a family owned factory.

Revolution Performance Fabrics® make life easy!
How cool would it be to have a Revolution dog bed to lay on.... 

Well.. Mom just got home I best go tell her about my idea!

Until next time....

Chic | Flirtation

Meet Revolution pattern Chic.. a swirl pattern in bright retro colors as well as a full range of neutrals.  And the coordinating Revolution pattern Flirtation is an undulating dot available in a rainbow of matching colors.

Chic | Flirtation.jpg

Nothing Compares

        So… in a recent email that I received from a customer wanting to know where she could buy Revolution Performance Fabrics®, she said that she had looked at a lot of other performance fabrics and she couldn’t find anything that compared.  I told her that she was right!  Nothing compares to Revolution!!  How many fabrics can you buy that are Made in the USA, chemical free, affordable and still look fashionable and feel incredible??   Actually 287 to be exact (as of today), and they are all Revolution.  We challenge you to find something better!



Like the rise and fall of a river’s edge, the imagery in our new Revolution fabric was inspired by the closing of a late summer rain.  Residual water gently carves a temporary path across the landscape, only to disappear as the remnants of dusk give way to darkness.  Torrent captures a moment in time.  The calm after the storm.  

Torrent | Ecstatic  

Torrent | Ecstatic