Happy Halloween!

With Halloween filling the air today, the crisp autumn breezes will soon carry with them the voices of children uttering ‘Trick, or treat?’  So, which will it be?  Why not treat yourself to a TRUE performance fabric—REVOLUTION PERFORMANCE FABRICS®. Don’t be tricked by other so-called performance brands which rely on chemical after-treatments.  Revolution Performance Fabrics® use NO chemical treatments and therefore are free of potentially harmful PFCs.  Best of all, the performance is built into Revolution fabrics and will never go away!  So, as the evening shadows grow longer and the ghouls and goblins begin to stir, will you be tricked or treated?

You have nothing to be afraid of  when your sofa is covered in Revolution {  Sutton sectional from   Bassett  | Revolution pattern Shadowfax }. 

You have nothing to be afraid of  when your sofa is covered in Revolution { Sutton sectional from Bassett | Revolution pattern Shadowfax }. 

Over exposure

A few weeks ago my father celebrated being 10 years cancer free from non-hodgkin lymphoma!  This particular cancer was determined by his doctor to be from exposure to environmental factors. 

I am so excited that our Revolution Performance Fabrics® are not chemically treated with stain repellants.  Stain resistance is an inherent quality of the yarn, therefore your family is not exposed to any added chemicals (like other performance brands).

To watch "Episode 1: What makes Revolution different?" click the play button.

Red, White and Brody

It's an election year. Time to think about what qualities I like in a candidate. The more I think about it I realize I'd like a candidate that has the same strengths as Revolution. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are durable, strong and survive anything you throw at them. 

Rock the vote y'all! Until next time...


Brody tie.jpg
I bet you could guess what pattern this is.........Sugarshack!!

I bet you could guess what pattern this is.........Sugarshack!!

Nothing Compares

        So… in a recent email that I received from a customer wanting to know where she could buy Revolution Performance Fabrics®, she said that she had looked at a lot of other performance fabrics and she couldn’t find anything that compared.  I told her that she was right!  Nothing compares to Revolution!!  How many fabrics can you buy that are Made in the USA, chemical free, affordable and still look fashionable and feel incredible??   Actually 287 to be exact (as of today), and they are all Revolution.  We challenge you to find something better!

Leopard Season

The wildest runway trend for Fall 2016 are animal prints specifically leopard prints.  Just off the loom waiting to be finished is our Revolution version for December Showtime. 

Pattern Meow

Pattern Meow

Indigo Shibori

Spice Indigo

Spice Indigo

Opulent Indigo

Opulent Indigo


Styles Spice and Opulent fall into the shibori style category. This look has been on trend for awhile, but it seems to be gaining momentum. And, now you can have the look in a performance fabric with a PLUS! These two styles are also machine washable. Very relaxed and comfy like your favorite pair of jeans! So you can relax with your new fabric… no worries of an accident… easy to clean… because life happens!

Lexi Slip  |  engender Furniture   | Slipcover Twill  | Spice Indigo | Opulent Indigo 

Lexi Slip  | engender Furniture  | Slipcover Twill  | Spice Indigo | Opulent Indigo