Halloween Stain Horrors


Dear Revolution Fabrics,

I am having my annual Halloween party with a few special friends. At my party last year, The Count traveled all the way from Transylvania to attend. To my surprise, there were blood stains on my sofa when he left. In the dining room, Frank N. Stein, a notorious doctor and scientist, ruined my dining room chairs; it looked like he had performed science experiments in the dining room. The dear professor from Britain who teaches at the world renowned school of magic spilled his potion when the moon came from behind the clouds; he became a party animal! He shed everywhere! After the party, I had to replace my furniture. I bought new living room furniture and dining room chairs upholstered in Revolution Fabrics. If my guests are careless again this year, how do I clean blood stains and potions such as red wine from my Revolution fabric? I also need recommendations on how to remove animal hair.


Halloween Horror

Dear Halloween Horror,

Thank you for purchasing furniture upholstered with Revolution Fabrics! If your guests become unruly again this year, don’t worry! Just follow these simple steps to clean blood, red wine, or other stains from your Revolution Fabrics:

  • Remove any loose debris and blot the stain

  • Make a solution of one ounce bleach to 30 ounces of water in a clean spray bottle (if possible, place a clean towel between the fabric and foam to absorb any excess moisture)

  • Thoroughly rinse the fabric with water until clean

  • Let fabric dry

  • Do not use any solvents which can damage the fabric.

For removing the animal hair, you may vacuum the fabric, but do not use any vacuum power brush attachment. You can always visit our Revolution Cleaning Instructions page for more information too!

Enjoy your Halloween!


Revolution Fabrics